It is hard to save the world

it is easier to save your community

-Community Corey

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Community Development

I enjoy living in City of Chicago, working in the neighborhood of ​Austin, to develop local business and stimulate economic ​growth. I love working in the Soul City Business Corridor, a ​black owned business district in Austin along Chicago Avenue.

Civic Engagement

As a gun violence survivor, public safety is very important to ​me. I believe it is vital we build strong relationships with our ​public & elected officials. Together, in collaboration, we have ​the power to increase the safety & vitality of our ​neighborhoods.

Youth Leadership

I pour back into our youth. My desire is for them to view me as ​a positive male role model to follow. Everyday my focus is to ​build the next generation of leaders, professionals, and ​entrepreneurs. I tell my students that Ownership is the Key to ​Wealth.



For adolescents, studies show​ Depression & Anxiety is ​continuing to rise every year...

chart shows most commonly diagnosed mental disorders in children by the millions

Together we can Make A Difference and #StopTheRise

#StopTheRise with

Lil Shorty Love

Experiencing trauma at a young age can be hard.

Recognizing trauma at a young age can be even harder. ​‘Lil Shorty Love’ is a guide to help you identify the pain, ​interpret it as power, and implement it into passion.

Lil Shorty Love is a colorful family friendly book that ​shares personal lessons learned from my life journey. ​Highlighting how these challenges and obstacles lead to ​my emotional healing & discovery of Entrepreneurship.

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